The CE-CERT model provides a radical shift away from the often unachievable, and only partially helpful advice of “Do more self-care,” proscribed to those of us who choose a career in the helping professions. Underlying the skills-based model is a challenge to the assumption that work will drain you and only after hours can you recharge. Instead, the CE-CERT domains provide practical and attainable skills that serve to enhance the way you go about your work, lessening the drain and increasing emotional regulation throughout the day.

A career in the helping professions is, by nature of the work, intense and you will encounter the suffering of others. Your career also has the potential to be highly meaningful and provide you with a sense of accomplishment and joy. The five CE-CERT skill domains are derived from what has long been known in the mental health field to support managing stress and healing from trauma, and applies this knowledge to sustaining a career in the helping professions.